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Fearless Practice

Scripts for Canadian Private Practice

Scripts for Canadian Private Practice

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In our counselling profession, we help people every day to better their communication skills. Yet, ironically, when it comes to our own practices, we often lack a set of business communication processes in place. 

There are a lot of “eh’s”, frantic scribbling, and “I’ll get back to you” going around - especially if you don't have a virtual assistant.

Introducing the Fearless Practice Scripts created especially for Canadian private practices, who need easy-to-implement scripts for phone and email communication.

Phone Scripts Included: 

  • General voicemail recording 
  • Vacation voicemail recording
  • Responding to voicemails 
  • Caller in crisis 

Email Scripts Included: 

  • Inquiry about booking an intake session
  • Intake form email reminder
  • Inquiry about free consultations
  • Crisis email
  • Vacation autoresponder 
  • Missed appointment emails
  • Payment emails
  • Specific FAQs
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