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Fearless Practice

Canadian Private Practice Paperwork Packet

Canadian Private Practice Paperwork Packet

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As a new Canadian private practice owner, you’ve got more than enough on your plate. So here’s one less (big) thing you have to worry about. 

The Fearless Practice paperwork packet contains everything you need like intake questionnaires, important counselling information pages and consent forms. Better yet, this paperwork pack can be completely edited in Microsoft Word, with spaces specifically left open for you to go in and add your information and provincial PHIA link! 

When it comes to the consent forms included, it has everything you’ll need for your Canadian practice:

  • Confidentiality Policy 
  • Electronic Management System Policy 
  • Online Counselling Policy 
  • Private Practice Policy 
  • Social Media Policy


*Since every province has different regulations we cannot guarantee that the paperwork packet will have all the information you need. That is why we have made it editable, so that you can add any additional information you need in order to be compliant in your province.

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